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"Is The Domain For Sale?"
Hi Everybody:

This article may take 10 minutes or more to read carefully, but we hope you find it informative and helpful.  Some people visit our website because they are interested in acquiring our domain name, so we would like to address the topic of great domains in a meaningful and helpful way.

We here at frequently receive enquiries and offers for our domain name.  The domain is an elite brand and top-tier digital asset, and we understand why many companies are interested in acquiring it.  However, we are working on an extensive upgrade to our current website, and we hope to soon re-launch with the new website.  We are all living through very difficult times, but we hope to continue growing and improving in preparation for brighter days ahead.

Nevertheless, if you are in the market for a very high-quality domain, following is some information about great domains in general, and about two-letter domains specifically, that you may find interesting and helpful.  The internet is still very young, and most people are not aware that a thriving aftermarket exists for better-quality domain names, and two-letter domains are the most prized, along with a small percentage of one-word domains.

There are only 676 two-letter dot com domains on the planet, and they are, therefore, very rare and valuable.  Two-letter domains are considered by many to be the most elite domains, brands, and assets of the internet, and only 676 companies on the planet can own one.  Considering the global population to be about 8,000,000,000, the number 676 seems microscopic in comparison.

The majority of two-letter domains are owned by major companies, such as:,,,,,,,,, and, and they will most likely never be available for sale.  The majority of the 676 two-letter domains are indeed off the market forever.  It is occasionally said that the owners of these domains are in a "small elite group," due to the prestige, authority, credibility, confidence, trust, and power that these great domains automatically elicit in the perception of customers and employees.  They are also extremely easy to remember, as are the e-mail addresses created with them.

The internet is still very young, and most people do not know that these two-letter domains are somewhat expensive.  Moreover, most people are not even aware that there exists a thriving market for high-quality and medium-quality domains.  As the internet continues to grow and evolve, and as more companies and individuals come on-line, the prices for great domains are rapidly increasing.  The law of supply-and-demand is at work, and the ever-increasing competition for them, drive the exponential rise in prices we have seen over the years.  And, the dot com version is king among all other lesser domain extensions.  Those relatively few companies or individuals who own a great domain are often asked: "How did you get that domain name?"  Most people do not know that the first domains to be registered were in the 1980s.

We live in a world that is very different from 50 years ago.  Today, even before the pandemic, commerce practically runs on the internet, and a domain name is necessary for your business website and your professional e-mail.  A great domain, not just any domain, is best, such as a short acronym or a one-word domain, and is very impressive for branding and marketing, and to employees. 

Business has increasingly moved to the internet, especially during these difficult times, and your domain name often provides the first impression people have of you, your company, and your products or services.  In this new digital economy, your domain is your face, your brand, and your storefront to the world.  Yes, a top-tier domain may be considered expensive, but those who buy and own one soon realize that it is not an expense, but is both their brand and a company asset that adds tremendous value to the company, and only increases in value and price over time.  Again, your domain name is your face, your brand, and your storefront to the world, and is your first impression to most customers.  You have only one chance to make a first impression, and a great domain name is often the key to making a positive, powerful, and lasting impression. 

A great domain is more-accurately considered to be an asset and an investment which grows in value and price, and not an expense.  The market prices for great domains have multiplied exponentially since the first domains were registered in the late 1980s.  Here is an interesting article about a company founder who bought a two-letter dot com, and the benefits he realized from the purchase.  He mentioned how the value of the domain to his company, far exceeds the seven-figure price he paid for it.

As another example among many, the founder of bought the domain for $1 million years ago, and he later sold the company to Amazon for $1 billion (with a "b").  Many people correctly speculate whether would have been so successful without such a great domain.  Quite a few articles and interviews with the founder of can be found on the internet.  Here is a YouTube video of the founder discussing and other projects he is pursuing.  The conversation is not focused on domain names, but is informative about the successes and some of the difficulties an entrepreneur may encounter.

Hypothetically, a thriving company bought a great domain for $5 million some years ago.  The domain exactly matches the brand and logo of that company, and is used in everything from marketing to e-mail.  The company brand is an exact match to that domain name.  The company bought the domain for $5 million, but do you think the company would now sell that domain for an offer of $8 million?  What about $10 million?  $15 million?  Do you think that Amazon would sell the domain for $1 billion (with a "b")?  Definitely not.  Therefore, the real value of a great exact-match domain, is not the amount paid for it, but is, in fact, an integral part of the worth of the entire company.  The value of a company‚Äôs domain name often cannot be calculated by itself, because the true worth of the domain cannot be separated from the worth of the company.  A great domain can increase the brand value and general worth of your company.

Ideally, your domain name should exactly match your company brand, whether your domain name is a short acronym, or is one word, two words, or three words.  However, short acronyms and one-word domains usually make the best brands.  Someone who understands the power of a great domain once stated: "A good domain is easy to remember; a great domain is hard to forget."

Only about the top 1 to 2 percent of all domains registered would qualify as being the best, and many consider the 676 two-letter domains to be the best of the best. 

Some Examples

Two-letter dot coms are rarely sold, but we were able to find the prices paid for several of them over the decades.  The great majority of domain sales are never disclosed to the public, due to an NDA, but this list is a small sample of known sales.  Since some of these sales occurred many years ago, their prices are now well below current market values, while other sales are more recent, within the last 10 years or so.  All prices are in U.S. dollars: - $12 million - $10 million - $8.5 million (plus $6.5 million in stock) - $8 million - $5.24 million - $4.7 million - $3.85 million - $3.8 million - $3.6 million - $2.7 million - $1.8 million - $1.2 million - $1 million - $1 million (plus options)

Great one-word dot com domains are also known to sell for anywhere from $1 million to $30 million or more. sold in 2019 for $30 million, while other one-word domains have sold for well over $1 million.  However, great domains are currently still the most under-valued and under-priced assets on the planet.

Regardless of the direction you choose in this new digital economy, the general formula for success is simple but powerful: if you have a great domain that matches your brand, and if you are offering an excellent product or service, and with thoughtful marketing of your domain and brand, and great customer service, then your success can be far above the great majority, if not all, of your competitors.

Have a great day, and we here at are wishing you the best of luck with your company!

The Team at